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Libra International Community Center (LICC)

Click here to visit the Libra International Community Center (LICC) homepage.

LICC is an acronym of Libra International Community Center, a facility set up by the City of Okazaki to become a base for internationalization activities. This includes the support of the ever-growing foreign population with the volunteer groups; advice and consultation in foreign languages and the provision of foreign language information by multilingual staff and the presentation of a variety of seminars to promote international understanding.
 「LICC」は 、りぶら国際交流センター(Libra International Community Center)の略称です。

Okazaki International Association (OIA)

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国際交流協会(Okazaki International Association 略称OIA)のページはこちらからご覧ください。

The Okazaki International Association was established in order to promote internationalisation through various types of activities. These include holding foreign language classes, seminars to promote international understanding, sister city exchange programmes, and providing support for the international communities in Okazaki. The homepage also includes information useful to foreign nationals living in Okazaki as well as news about upcoming events in various languages.

Disaster & Emergency Email Service "Bosai-kun"

Okazaki Bosai-kun is an email notification service. Register your email address to receive warnings and safety information in the event of a disaster. There are 6 types of information to choose from, including earthquake information, weather warnings and evacuation advice. You can register using either a web email address or mobile phone email address.

Registration URL
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